Granville Open Space Program

Along Raccoon Creek Looking Toward the Watts Property
Along Raccoon Creek Looking Toward the Watts Property

Granville Township has an Open Space Acquisition program supported by a tax levy approved by the voters. Based upon recommendations of a committee made up of a cross-section of Village and Township residents the Trustees are continuing to either acquire the title or purchase the development rights on properties to prevent them from being developed in the future. These acquisitions are designed to maintain open vistas and at the same time limit development.

Green space protection provides many benefits to the overall Granville Community. The benefits include:

  • Protecting the rural character of the community
  • Protecting natural environments
  • Improving air and water quality
  • Ensuring that residents have access to countryside, with consequent educational and recreational opportunities in perpetuity
  • Providing walking areas close to the village
  • Maintaining habitats for wild plants and animals
  • Preserving farmland
  • Protecting community boundaries from over-development with housing which would put additional pressure on Granville’s community resources
  • Protecting and enhancing property values throughout the community
Looking west across the Kennedy-Rader property
Looking west across the Kennedy-Rader property

The history of open space acquisition by Granville Township is rooted in the community’s comprehensive plan completed in December, 1990, and adopted by the Township and Village in 1991. That plan made particular note of the severe shortage of recreational space in the community. All comprehensive plans developed since have continued to recognize the benefits of providing open space and recoamended the purchase of additional land.

The first township purchase of open space, made in 1991 with general funds, became the initial Salt Run Park area which has since be added to with purchase of the adjoining Spring Valley propery. The 1991 purchase, shepherded by local resident and township trustee Eric Jones, was made to preserve a topologically interesting property located near the center of the township.

View Looking to the West Along Salt Run Near the Spring Valley Pool Site
View looking to the west along Salt Run

The first purchase using open space funds was of several acres near Wildwood Park. Township resident, and then township trustee, Jim Havens, felt that it was important to preserve a view of woods visible from Wildwood Park. Mr. Havens and the other trustees of that period deserve a great deal of credit for both recognizing the tremendous long term value of open space and making it a reality for Granville.

Further information about the program can be found at Granville Open Space Program.